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Video Conferencing & Collaboration

Our video conferencing specialists are dedicated to helping you navigate through the process of selecting and implementing a video communications solution. We provide a variety of technologies ranging from SaaS/VaaS (Software/Video as a Service) and client server applications to more executive board room solutions. Our goal is to help you select the right tools based on your specific objectives and ensure that the integration of the technology into your environment is successful, within budget and exceeds management's expectations.
The Communication Tools
Share files and URL's, give presentations, interact on a white board and even record or playback an entire session. View live desktop feeds, chat and bring anyone, anywhere in the world into the conversation instantly, face-to-face. Meet with as many people as you wish from your home, your office, conference room or from your smart phone with full independent control over how you see and hear each of them. We give you the freedom to customize your communication experience with the easy to use, but powerful tools to help you make the most of it.

The Market
The video marketplace is growing at a geometric pace. It has gone from a handful of products to literally hundreds in just a few short years. The complexity of the technology has grown even faster, so it's understandable that businesses trying to employ the benefits of video technology are even more confused than ever.

Which technology? What vendor? What price? Hardware vs. Software based? Interoperability? How much bandwidth does it require? These are just some of the questions you'll need to address as you try to determine the best choice for you business.

Virtual Networks will help you make sense out of all the confusion.

The Benefits
  • Stronger relationships - a phone or conference call can't compare to a face to face meeting.
  • Share and collaborate on documents for immediate engagement
  • Faster decision making because face to face meetings can happen quickly and easily
  • Less time wasted with unproductive travel across town or across the country
  • Reduction in travel related expenses; hotel, meals and other sundry items.
  • Reduction in audio conferencing and web conferencing fees;
  • Reduced cap-ex investment in under-utilized video conference equipment;
  • Improved quality of life of users as productivity can be accomplished from anywhere

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