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Internet Access
Virtual Network Solutions is a communications technologies company with a national presence and reputation for excellence in the Internet and Telecom industries. Through our long term relationships with world class providers, we offer a complete array of connectivity products and services geared to the small to mid-sized enterprise.


Virtual Networks represents a complete line of Tier 1 and Regional Provider's broadband services ranging from T-1 to OCX. Our Internet service provides a reliable, dedicated, high-speed Internet connection and offers industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Your business IP services will reside on world-class IP backbones, providing managed, state-of-the-art hardware and software, smart routing capability, and continuous performance monitoring.

Whether your needs are local, interstate or global, Virtual Networks has the solution. We offer your business an array of outstanding service features and powerful options that provide high availability and unsurpassed performance to give you the power, capacity and reliable connections that your business applications demand.

Wholesale DSL (Private Label)

Wholesale DSL allows you to offer DSL services to your customers on multiple networks within the United States, including AT&T, Bell, Verizon and Covad. Virtual Networks offers a unified provisioning platform encompassing the various networks on its newly expanded DSL solution.

Virtual Network's Nationwide DSL Internet service is a low-cost, scalable service designed to provide small businesses, telecommuters and Service Providers much faster access to the Internet than is available from dial, ISDN and low speed fractional T1 service today. Service may be ordered to support a variety of needs, from the small office with a handful of employees, to telecommuters and branch offices that need higher bandwidth.

Our high-speed access connection is "dedicated" and always available. Access speeds range from 384 Kbps to 6.0 Mbps and is provided throughout the 48 contiguous United States. Availability is dependent on location, bandwidth requirements and distance from the local telephone company's central office.

Wholesale Dial-Up
(Private Label)

Dial access is the most cost effective way to offer a nationwide footprint, provide cover gaps in existing markets, or supplement current capacity. For applications that are not speed sensitive but require lower cost, dial access is an ideal alternative. It's well suited for machine to machine communications for gaming devices, MAC machines, vending machines or other applications that require high volume, low cost connectivity.

Utilizing nearly 10,000 local access numbers, Virtual Network provides reliable user access throughout the United States and Canada. Virtual Network frees customers from the responsibility of managing a network infrastructure, allowing them to control authentication (user access), customer support, billing, e-mail, and all other value-added services.

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